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Computer Support 

Is still personal in Latham at AmGeek

Ed Barnat is Amgeek

 Ever wish that when you called for help with your computer problem that a real person would answer the phone?  Perhaps someone who spoke the same language you do?  And wouldn't it be great if that person was the same one you spoke with the last time you called?

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Windows 10 Arrives

A Surprise in Your Taskbar

WIndows 10 Upgrade Surprise are you ready 

Updated 9/4/15

"Windows 10 will be here sometime this summer", they said. I have known this was coming for a while. Surprise! Getting things set up on the bench this morning (6/1/15) and a strange new icon started showing up in the tray on several machines. I almost spilled my coffee when I rolled the mouse over one and saw an invite for Windows 10.

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