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  • I have been using AmGeek both for periodic tune-ups and for problem solving for almost 15 years. When I lived near him, I would bring my cpu in to his shop. Now he works his magic remotely. He is the only computer tech I trust to let into the inner sanctums of my machine. Trust is a crucial reason why I keep using his services, since he has access to everything on my drives. Not only does he solve whatever problems I am having, he provides advice on how to keep them from happening -- and he answers all questions, no matter how basic or complicated the answers,with patience and thoroughness. I continue to recommend him to friends who are reluctant to let anyone access to their private information on their computers.

    Elaine Frankonis
  • Ed helped me about a year ago replace a dead power supply and update my pc. Good guy, fast service. Bit pricier than expected though. Would certainly come back if I ever needed more support!

    Atom James
  • Knowledgeable, professional and great customer service. Ed serviced both of our business laptops that were running slow. With the cleanup and the hard drive upgrade, they both are operating at lightning speed thanks to Ed.

    Ken Nercessian
  • Ed has been taking care of my computer for years. He does a great job
    and is always available when needed, even on the phone. The most important thing is that I know that I can trust him. Referred by my sister and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Ed for all your help.

    Gail Fogarty
  • Ed has been managing the web site for my business and giving me sage technical guidance for over a year now.
    Finally, a computer guy who speaks clear English, is available during most normal business hours and most importantly is skilled and attentive to exactly what I need to keep my site and flow of new customers unimpeded.
    My business has grown significantly over the last year and it is largely as a result of a clean, simple, functional web site.
    Call this geek! you'll be glad you did.

    Michael LaFrank
  • There is no better person to help with your computer problems. We love Ed for our personal and business machines. Bringing them to him is efficient and cost effective

    Laurie Hasso
  • I am a complete computer illiterate. Ed has helped on many occasions, most recently by getting me back on the internet after being off a week after my husband & friend were not able to get us back on. He has repaired my computer at his shop 3 times & was instrumental in recovering data when our old hard drive failed and putting it on our current computer. He is cheerful, helpful & available past business hours if necessary (don't call Sunday morning though). Give him a try.

    Vicky McCaffrey
  • I don't know what so say about how positive my experience was this business was without writing near a whole article. My home PC is basically my home business and the work I do on it is my main source of income. I had Windows 7 as an operating system out of necessity all for one program I absolutely need and one terrible night the system locked up during an update. I had to hard power it off for lack of any other option and it basically wrecked my operating system. It had been along hard day and I was desperately trying to access my incomplete work and family photos to back them up and in the process by entering windows from safe mode. Most likely from having to hard power off the system many times after getting "blue screens of death", I ran... read more

    Will Chubet